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Chile Officially Replaces Corpus Christi With July 16 Public Holiday
(Posted on Thursday, January 11, 2007)

Source: La Segunda

On January 6, 2007, President Bachelet signed into law N° 20.148 the decree of December 27, 2006, that replaced Corpus Christi, with July 16 (día de la Solemnidad de la Virgen del Carmen) in the list of Chile public holidays.

The change had been announced in the middle of last month (13-Dec-2006).

Note that this new public holiday, being of a religious nature, will not be moveable. That is to say, it will always be observed on the exact date of July 16, as opposed to many other public holidays in Chile which move to the nearest Monday if they fall in the middle of the week.

Corpus Christi as a public holiday in Chile is thus gone... but it may come back, as it did in 1987, after having been abolished since 1967. As an interesting aside, despite being of a religious nature (and always occurring on a Thursday), since 2000, the observance of this public holiday had been moved to the previous Monday systematically (10-Mar-2000).

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