Mapping a Drive to QppShare

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Mapping a Drive to QppShare

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Each Q++Studio Workstation needs to see the QppShare folder of the server as its own folder Q:\QppShare\. Therefore each Q++Studio Workstation needs to have a Q:\ drive that points directly and identically to the C:\ drive of the Q++Studio Server.


To create a mapped drive of letter Q:\ that points to the C:\ drive where the QppShare folder is located, open the Network Places in the Windows Explorer, and locate the folder where the QppShare folder is.



The proper network share is selected if the QppShare folder is in the right pane of the Windows Explorer. When this is done, right-click on the folder on the left (C_SERVER in the example above) and select Map Network Drive ... from the popup menu that appears.



In the dialog that then appears, select Q: as the drive letter, and make sure that the box Reconnect at logon is checked.


Note that a common mistake is to link the Q:\ drive of the workstation to the C:\QppShare\ folder of the server. There should be an exact correspondence between the folders of the Q:\ drive of the workstation and those of the C:\ drive of the server, as shown below.


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