[mp] : Moon Phase Symbol

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[mp] : Moon Phase Symbol

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The [mp] Moon Token displays the current phase of the moon, on the dates when the phase changes, using the display options specified in the property Moon Options (you can set default Moon Options, using Diary Grid Preferences). To show the current phase of the Moon, on every day, use the [MP] : Moon Phase Everyday token.


This property contains many options which create vastly different presentations of moon phases.




The 2 examples above were generated by the simple moon phases token [3mp], using different Moon Options settings.




The calculations used for this token are based on the location specified by the Moon Data Source property. If more than one source is selected, you can specify which source to use by appending a digit that corresponds to that source's position in the list of selected sources.


Finally, you can filter-out some Moon phases from any of the Moon phases tokens, by setting its symbol to a blank space, as shown below:



Any Moon token of the DiaryGridLine corresponding to the Moon and Sun Options show above, would only be triggered for full Moons and new Moons.


See also : Moon Phase Text token, Moon Phase Time token, Duration Moon Tokens.

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