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[*] : DayValue Marker Tokens

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DayValue Marker Tokens are used to make clear to Q++ which DayValues fall on which pages of a GridTemplate. These tokens never appear in the output file, as they are ignored after scanning.


These are optional tokens, and the conditions under which they may be required are as follows :


There are no [d] or [dd] tokens on a page. Since Q++ uses the presence of either of these tokens, when scanning, to guess which DayValues fall on which pages, at run-time the starting date for that page will be undefined, and any other tokens on that page will be evaluated with an undefined date leading to amusing run-time messages such as "No holidays generated for year 4637". To avoid this problem, make sure you place a [1*] token (or whatever DayValue makes sense) on any page which does not contain any [d] or [dd] token. A symptom of this is the appearance of the label "no dates on this page" on some of the Script Preview pages.


There are [d] tokens of DayValue not corresponding to the pages' DayValue. Consider the case of a 7 days on 6 pages grid, where pages 1-5 contained DayValues 1-5 respectively, and the last page, page 6, contained DayValues 6 and 7. Suppose that at the bottom of each page you had a by-line of the form "Week 30, August 2 - August 8". If you used the token combination [Week] [1w], [1Mmmm] [1d] - [7Mmmm] [7d] to obtain this by-line, then Q++ would misunderstand the structure of the GridTemplate when it scans it, thinking that days 1 and 7 of the grid are on every page. To avoid this problem, in this example, you would insert a [1*] token on page 1, a [2*] token on page 2, ..., and both a [6*] and a [7*] token on page 6. Doing this tells Q++ not to guess the DayValues on each page, and to use the DayValue Marker tokens you have provided.


You do not need to set DayValue Marker tokens for every page; only for pages where the DayValues contained could be ambiguous to Q++ as it tries to guess the GridTemplate's structure.

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