aeiouHolidays are defined but none of the templates use them

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aeiouHolidays are defined but none of the templates use them

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If you think this message is appearing erroneously, make sure that it is not caused by one or more of the a-e-i-o-u sets being selected in the Holidays Override property of one of the DiaryGridLines.


Cause : One of the aeiouHolidays Lists has Holidays Sets specified for it, but Q++Studio could not find any GridTemplate, or DiaryGridLine property which referred to that Holidays List.


This message is usually correct. Q++Studio does not only look at the tokens in the GridTemplates; it also looks at MiniCal and Slogans settings. It even looks inside thesource code of Macros used by each DiaryGridLine and in its GenTokens Options..


Consequences : You have set Holidays Sets for a Holidays List that will never be used.


Solutions :


Clear list of Holidays Sets used (recommended) : Automatically clears the list of Holidays Sets used in the corresponding aeiou-Holidays property.


Change List of Holidays Sets : Opens the corresponding Holidays List property editor, so you can remove references to any Holidays Sets.


If, on the other hand, you have forgotten to refer to a Holidays List in MiniCals, Slogans, or Macros, then go in the appropriate DiaryGridLine and modify that property.

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