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The appendices below contain various reference material that is either only remotely related to Q++Studio, or which actually appears in many places in Q++Studio, and therefore could not easily be placed in one location. The main appendices sections are :


Common UI Elements

A description of elements of the Q++Studio User Interface which are used in many different parts of Q++Studio.

Windows Refresher

A recap of the basics of Windows manipulations, as well as some useful tips and tricks. Extremely useful if you come from a Mac background.


Although the following are not in the Appendices chapter, they also provide handy reference.


QuarkXPress Glossary

A recap of the main QuarkXPress concepts used in Q++Studio, and of the terminology used to describe them.

Release Notes

A chronological review of the features that were added to Q++Studio and the issues that were addressed since 1999.


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