Basic Filtering

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Basic Filtering

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Basic filtering displays holidays based on the Holidays Set selected in the TreeView on the left of the Holidays Explorer. This method has the advantage of being intuitive.


To apply filtering based on Holidays Sets, check one or more holidays set in the TreeView. In the example below, only the holidays belonging to the Afghanistan and the Albania holidays sets will be displayed (note that the parent sets of these are neither checked or unchecked).



You can also apply filtering to display all holidays of all subsets of a folder by checking the checkbox near a folder.



In the example above, any holiday that belongs to any of the subsets of World Holidays will be displayed. If these subsets contained folders, then the subsets of these folders would also be included.


Note that the currently applied filter will be displayed at the bottom of the Holidays Explorer, as shown below.



Use the button to remove the displayed filter permanently. Alternatively, you can use the checkbox to disable the filter temporarily. To modify the displayed filter, use the Customize... button at the right of the filter zone (this is equivalent to advanced filtering).


See also : Intermediate Filtering, Advanced Filtering.

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