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void = SetBoxBottom(nQuarkUnits)


Use the SetBoxBottom macro function to change the bottom position of the textbox that contains the macro token.


The bottom position of a textbox is related to the sum of the values of Y+H which appear in the Measurements Palette of QuarkXPress as shown below.



The function expects Quark internal units, whereby:


a point is defined as 65536 units

therefore an inch is 4718592 units

and a millimeter is approximately 185771 units


The value of the position you supply to this function must include the offset from the pasteboard to the top of the page. This means all values must be increased by 1/2 inch, so if you wish to set the box bottom to 5 inches then you need to pass in 5.5 inches (ie. to 25952256 in Quark units).


IMPORTANT: calls to the macro functions SetBoxTop, SetBoxBottom, SetBoxLeft, and SetBoxRight take effect immediately, before executions passes to the next line of the macro. Therefore it is essential that you place the calls in the proper order so that you are not telling Quark to set the bottom of a box above its top, or the right side of a box to the left of its left position.


See also: SetBoxBottom, SetBoxLeft, SetBoxRight, SetBoxTop.

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