Box is part of a group box that crosses a page boundary !

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Box is part of a group box that crosses a page boundary !

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This message is generated if Q++Studio notices that a GridTemplate you have scanned has groups of objects that extend over more than one page. The reason that this is classified as an error is that experience has shown that these grids will cause QuarkXPress to crash during diary generation.


To determine which objects are concerned by the present message :


1.Open the Quark file and zoom out fully.


2.Set the display to Hide Guides.


3.Use the mouse to select all the object on the page mentioned in the message (the left page in the example below).


Any object that is grouped with objects on the selected page will show up as their corner handles become activated.



In general, we recommend that you group objects only when necessary to achieve an effect such as group deletion.


Note that this will message will also be generated if objects on a given page are grouped with objects that are entirely off any of the pages (as in the example below).


This is because objects that are completely off any page are internally considered by QuarkXPress to be on page 0 (zero).

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