Color (red/green/blue) is missing from document

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Color (red/green/blue) is missing from document

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This warning message occurs, during diary generation, if the current script calls for the setting of a color, specified by its name, and QuarkXPress notices that some of the semi-default colors (red, green, and blue) have been deleted from the current template.


While red, green and blue are not protected colors, and can be deleted (as opposed to cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and registration), it is inadvisable to do so, as these colors do have set IDs in QuarkXPress' internal structure, and it may lead to document corruption when mixing multiple templates into an output file, as the IDs reserved for red, green and blue might be used for other colors in some of the templates being used.


If this warning message is accompanied by an error preventing you from successfully generating a diary, then this message is an indication that the QuarkXPress document corresponding to the page of the current script generating this message, is most likely corrupted. You should try to copy it into a fresh file and try again.

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