Current Month (MiniCalendar Options)

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Current Month (MiniCalendar Options)

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The current month settings of the Minical Options property let you specify any specific way to display the text and textbox of Minicalendars that correspond to the current month. By default the current minical is the one whose month corrresponds to the month of the Minicalendar Marker token. If you wish to have 2 minicals treated as current, for example in a weekly diary with a change of month across 2 pages, then you can do this by setting the Minical is defined as current if option of the current DiaryGridLine's GridOptions property accordingly.



The Font options for the Current Month are the same as elsewhere, with an additional feature : Apply to Entire Contents of Textbox. Set this option to true if you wish the font attributes selected to apply to all the text in the textbox (by default, the font attributes only apply to the dates, ie the numbers from 1-31).




The Frame and Background options for the Current Month operate in the same manner as in the other MiniCalendar options. If you only wish to shade or frame part of the minical textbox, then see the corresponding topic in the Q++Clinic.


See also : Minicalendar Paragraph Formatting.

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