Importing Cyclical and Once-Only Slogans from an Excel File

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Importing Cyclical and Once-Only Slogans from an Excel File

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To import Cyclical or Once-Only Slogans from an Excel file, make sure your Excel file contains the information Q++ expects in the columns where it expects to find it :


Column A : The fully-qualified path to the graphics file (if any).


Column B,C,D,... : Slogan Text (see the import dialog for more info).


To be sure of using the proper format, make a copy of the Excel template file




located in your c:\qpp\Import\ folder, and use that copy to enter data (or do a cut/paste from another Excel file into that one.


Then use the Import button of the Slogans Manager. The Data Import From Excel dialog then appears :


1.Select an Excel file (the dialog accepts both the XLSX file extension as well as the traditional XLS file extension).


2.Use the preview to tell Q++ at which line to start the import (make sure you do not include title headers in the rows selected for import).


3.Click on the IMPORT button.


Once importation is complete, a dialog will come up informing you of the number of Slogans successfully imported.

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