Date Offset Suffixes

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Date Offset Suffixes

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Date Offset Suffixes are used to specify that a token is to be evaluated for a certain number of days or months* before or after the date indicated by its DayValue.


These suffixes are particularly useful in the Text and Tokens to display on each generated line field of GenTokens Options, where the DayValue is dynamic.


The structure of these suffixes is as follows:


the suffix is added at the end of any token

it begins with a colon :

followed by a plus or minus

followed by the number of days or months to offset

followed by d or m or y depending if the offset is counted in days or months or years*.


Some examples:



Evaluate the token [1d] one month before the date determined by DayValue 1.


Show the Sunrise of one week before (note how we use 7 days rather than 1 week)*


The a-Holidays of tomorrow (used inside GenTokens Options)


3 years after the year of day 1


*IMPORTANT: Date Offset Suffixes can only be specified as a number of days or months (such as :+5d or :-1m). Using the same notation, but as a number of weeks (such as :-2w or :+3w) is interpreted as a Minicalendar Current Week Offset Modifier.


See also : Minicalendar Current Week Offset Modifiers.

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