Error reading your Preferences files

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Error reading your Preferences files

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This message means that Q++ encountered an error, at startup, trying to read your preferences files. Each user has 2 preferences files, both located in the c:\qpp\ directory : Q++.Ini and Q++Ini.DB.


Q++.INI is used to store text and integer preferences; startup options, default paths, etc… To see if it is the cause of the message, close Q++, rename the file Q++.INI into Q++.IN_ and relaunch Q++. If all goes well, then Q++.INI was corrupted and Q++ will rebuild a new Q++.INI file as you ste your preferences over again.


Q++Ini.DB is used to store binary format preferences (default MiniCal options, for example). To see if it is the cause of this message, close Q++ and copy the files Q++Ini.DB and Q++Ini.VAL into Q++Ini.DB_ and Q++Ini.VA_ . Then copy the same 2 files from the PC of another user (one who has had no such message) to your PC and launch Q++. If all goes well then keep these 2 files and recreate your preferences.


If you do not feel comfortable with the above manipulations, make sure your Administrator helps you.

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