Executing a SaraSet

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Executing a SaraSet

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When you execute a SaraSet, the Q++ Sara Status dialog appears, keeping you informed of which Sara is being performed, what page is being processed, and the number of hits encountered so far.



The order in which Saras are processed is as follows :


SaraSets are performed in the order that the DiaryGridLines appear in the Scripts Editor. The SaraSet used in the Saras property of Post-Processing is performed last.


Within each SaraSet, each Sara is performed fully, before moving on to the next Sara.


The above ordering allows you to build upon previous Saras. For example, you might change all 0's (zeroes) to O's and then change these to another font in a subsequent Sara (to change the font of the O's that were there before the first Sara).


You can cancel Saras execution at any time by clicking on the CANCEL button. Once Saras execution is complete, you can view the output file in QuarkXPress, or you can view the details by clicking on the REPORT button.

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