GridTemplate is a Quark Passport file

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GridTemplate is a Quark Passport file

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Cause : The current Template comes from a GridTemplate which was saved in the Passport format of QuarkXPress, which cannot be opened by normal versions of QuarkXPress, and according to the current settings of your Preferences, you are using a non-Passport version of QuarkXPress.


Any attempt to open a Passport QuarkXPress file using a normal version of QuarkXPress would cause QuarkXPress to display a cryptic error message that is wholly uninformative and misleading :



The present message is meant to prevent this confusion by explaining the issue preventively.


Consequences : This message is only a warning because Q++Studio uses the version of the file saved in the shared database when it was scanned, so it does not need to open this file to generate. However, you will not be able to re-scan the current file.


Solutions :


Change Quark Version Settings : Lets you changes the current QuarkXPress settings in Q++Studio.


Change the version of QuarkXPress used to Generate, to match that used to scan this particular template.


If you do not have any Passport version of QuarkXPress installed on your PC, then you will have to send the file to someone who does, so that he/she may save the file as Single-Language, as shown in the QuarkXPress save file dialog :



Note that this is not related to the Languages property of a diary, but to the difference in output formats between the US version of QuarkXPress (single language) and the European Passport version of QuarkXPress (multiple languages).


If you do not have a Passport version of QuarkXPress and are working with other Q++Studio users who do, then we suggest that you all set the default QuarkXPress Format property to Single-Language so that all scanned and generated files are using the most common format (there are no real advantages to the use of the multiple-language format anyways).

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