Image Tokens

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Image Tokens

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To replace a textbox by a picturebox, you can use 3 different types of tokens :


Use the [img_a] tokens associated with Holidays.

Use the [:slimxx] tokens associated with Slogans.

Associate a Replace with Picturebox action with a Macro token.


Each of the above will replace the textbox in which it is, by a picturebox.


All other tokens within that textbox will be ignored, if a graphics file is associated with the token for the current textbox (this is not necessarily the case).


If no graphics file is associated with an image token for the current textbox, then the textbox is not changed to a picturebox, and all other tokens included in that textbox are evaluated normally.


However zap tokens supercede all other tokens and, in a textbox which includes both zap and image tokens, if the zap token evaluates to a result which deletes the textbox, then that textbox will be deleted, regardless of the result of the image token.


To ensure that a textbox is never deleted, either through zap tokens, or through other settings (such as hide outside days), use the [||] Never Delete token.


If you encounter problems where some of your images are not displayed with a seemingly incorrect message that the image files cannot be found, then see this topic in the Tip and Tricks chapter.

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