Using the Data Pump with Tokens and Translations

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Using the Data Pump with Tokens and Translations

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To export or import tokens and languages to technical support, or a Q++ user at a different location, use the Data Pump, available from the Data menu (to see how to export tokens to an MS-Excel file, see the next topic).



To export :


Set the source to Q++ServerXE2.

Set the target to a path of your choice.

If export tables already exist in the selected path, then the exported data will be added to the existing tables. Otherwise Q++ will ask you if it should create the export tables.

Select the tokens you wish to export.

Select the target Language.

Click on the COPY button.


To import :


Set the target to Q++ServerXE2.

Set the source to a path containing the tables from which to import.

Select the tokens you wish to import.

Select the target Language.


Note that you can set both the source and targets to Q++ServerXE2, which allows you to copy data from one data set to another if the shared database.

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