Incorrect Syntax for aToken on aDate;  choices are :dmmm, :dMMM, :dmmmm, :dMMMM

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Incorrect Syntax for aToken on aDate;  choices are :dmmm, :dMMM, :dmmmm, :dMMMM

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This message arises if you use a regional date formatting token which is not one of the allowed ones.


For example, this message may arise from the following token :




which is trying to build regional formatting of a date in analogy to the [Mmmm] token (ie. first letter only in uppercase). However, Q++Studio does not know the specific rules for which words should or should not be in uppercase, something which depends on the language used and even user preferences, since the regional date formatting tokens recursively contain other tokens resulting in multiple words.


Therefore the only allowed combinations are :


Don't change case at all : [:dmmm] and [:dmmmm].


Change all to uppercase : [:dMMM] and [:dMMMM].


Note that regardless of the case desired, the 'd' is always in lowercase.

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