Installing a new XE2 Server

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Installing a new XE2 Server

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To install an XE2 Q++ Server at a site where Q++Studio was never used:

1)Make sure that the computer on which you install the Q++XE2 Server meets all the Configuration Requirements.

a.To allow technical support to assist you, if needed, please install TeamViewer exactly as described here, using the download links of that page, an using qpp160396 as password in step 8 of the TeamViewer instructions.

2)Download the file XE2 Server Installation Files.

3)Open the downloaded file and extract the Q++ServerXE2 folder to the D:\ drive.

4)Start the application server (this will automatically start the database server).

5)Load the Database Settings File nxServer3.init.backup which is located in the folder D:\Q++ServerXE2\DbEngine\.

6)Change the Database Alias DATA to the folder D:\Q++ServerXE2\Database\.

7)Before closing-down the database server's UI window, note the IP address of the database server.

8)On each of the workstations, open the file C:\Qpp\Qpp.ini, locate the line beginning with ServerName_XE2= and change it to ServerName_XE2=ALTEREGO_XE2@X.X.X.X, where X.X.X.X corresponds to the IP address you noted in the previous step (if no such line exists, add it just below the line [Q++]).

You should now be able to launch Q++Studio from any of the workstations.

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