Intermediate Filtering

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Intermediate Filtering

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Intermediate filtering allows you to specify simple filtering conditions based on any single criterion, to restrict the number of holidays displayed in the Holidays Explorer.


Suppose you wished to find all holidays whose recurrence rule refers to a Sunday. Click on the column header of the field you wish to use to filter the displayed list of holidays.



In the drop-down list that appears, select Custom. A dialog appears that allows you to specify simple filtering rules.



Specify the settings as shown above and click on OK. The list of displayed holidays will only display holidays whose rule refers to sundays.


Note that once you have set a filter, it is displayed at the bottom of the Holidays Explorer, as shown below.



Use the button to remove the displayed filter permanently. Alternatively, you can use the checkbox to disable the filter temporarily. To modify the displayed filter, use the Customize... button at the right of the filter zone (this is equivalent to advanced filtering).


See also : Basic Filtering, Advanced Filtering.


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