Macro aborted cannot find graphics file

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Macro aborted cannot find graphics file

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Q++Studio cannot find the graphics file specified by the value of sRESULT in a macro whose resulting action is set to Change to PictureBox.


If you encounter this message :


Make sure that you assign the name of any graphics filename you calculate in your macro, to the variable sRESULT.


If the selection of a graphics filename in your macro is simple, re-read the macro to make sure each of the possibilities exists.


If your macro constructs a filename dynamically (based on the value of other parameters such as the TokenDate), then you will need to use the Macros Debugger to find out what is going on while Q++Studio is evaluating the macro.


Finally, if the missing graphics file is located on another PC, make sure that your network drive letters are the same as the ones of the person who wrote the macro.

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