The Macros Explorer

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The Macros Explorer

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The Macros Explorer is used to open, rename, delete and organize your macros in the shared database. To open the Macros Explorer, use the TOOLS|macros sets menu item of the Q++Studio main window, or use the FILE|open menu item of the Q++Studio Macros Editor.



The Macros Explorer is made up of 5 zones.


The toolbar at the top contains buttons that allow you to add, delete or modify (rename) existing Macros Sets, and you can also delete any of the Macros contained in the currently selected set, or modify its name (you cannot modify the creation or modification dates). A search zone allows you to search the entire Macros database for full or partial words.

The TreeView on the left shows the structure into which the macros are organized. You can move folders in the hierarchy using drag and drop. Selecting a Macros folder displays all the macros it contains on the right. Icons in the left margin identify macros whose compilation generated warnings or errors.

The ListView at the top right displays the list of macros contained in the selected macros folder on the left. You can move macros from one set to another by selecting a macro and dragging it to another folder on the left. If you wish to copy a macro (rather than move it) hold the CTRL key down while dragging the macro to the target set.

The ListView below shows a preview of the currently selected macro.

The buttons at the bottom vary depending on the circumstances and their meaning should be clear in each context where they appear.


Note that this dialog is resizeable.

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