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Messages Preferences

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Messages Preferences are used to view and change the design-time messages that you have chosen to hide. Note that since January 2003, the list of hidden messages is no longer shared by all users; each user has his/her own list.



You can choose to view all messages by checking the Show All Design-Time Messages box. Otherwise you can choose which message to un-hide.


To remove a message from the list of hidden messages (ie. to make sure that the message appears in the future) un-check the box to the left of the message.


To get more information about a specific message, select it and then click on the "i" button to the above right of the list.


You cannot add new messages to the list of messages to hide from this dialog. To hide additional messages, simply click on the message in the Messages Window and select the Disable Message option.


Note that if the verification of a script produced one or more messages that you have chosen to hide, you will be reminded of this with a single message informing you of the number of hidden messages.

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