No Holidays generated for Minical Year

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No Holidays generated for Minical Year

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Q++Studio has encountered a Minicalendar token for a month belonging to a year for which holidays have not been generated.


To avoid slowing down diary generation, Q++Studio only verifies the year of the minicalendar, not the year of each individual date in the minicalendar. Most of the time this is adequate, but if you are showing outside days in your minicalendars, some dates may not be verified. To prevent such occurrences, make sure you follow the advice below.


When generating holidays, make sure you include more years beyond your immediate need, since diaries usually contain dates in the previous and next year. If you accept the default year range proposed by Q++Studio when generating diaries, you should never see this message.


Depending on the options set in Script Execution Options, this message is either added to the list of run-time messages, or it causes the Script to abort.

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