Number of Days

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Number of Days

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There are 3 minicalendar tokens modifiers based on the number of days contained in the month displayed in a minicalendar :


 :zn28, :zn29, :zn30, and :zn31 (the z can be uppercase)


These tell Q++ to delete (or group delete if Z is uppercase) the textbox that contains the month about to be displayed if the minicalendar does not exactly contain 28, 29, 30 or 31 days respectively (the :zn stands for zap if not).


The "n" operator can be replaced by any of the following operators to perform a different comparison :





Greater than


Less than


Different than


This modifier is usually used in one-line minicalendars, to have the start and finish of every month aligned to the left and right edges of a textbox.


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