Output Filename/Folder refers to both aYear and the Script year

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Output Filename/Folder refers to both aYear and the Script year

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Cause : The output file name (or folder) for the current script contains a reference to both the Year property of the current script and another year. For example, for a script whose year is 2004, the following would generate this message :


(filename)        c:\temp\Daily_Eng_2003_2004.qxd

(folder)                c:\temp\2004\2003_diaries\Daily_Eng.qxd


Consequences : If you ignore this message you run the risk of generating a diary whose name contains a misleading reference to a year, or you may save your output into an incorrect folder and later have problems finding it again.


Solutions :


Remove references to aYear from File/Folder Name (recommended) : Remove references to the incorrect year, wherever it appears in the output filename. Note that, apart from the removal of the year, this does not modify your filename.


Let Q++Studio generate an output filename : Generates a composite file name. Before using this option, make sure you have set the language(s) and year properties, so that the name generated by Q++Studio is useful.


Set the output filename yourself : Sets this property to edit mode so you can set a file name yourself.

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