DayValues contained in page X cannot be determined

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DayValues contained in page X cannot be determined

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This scanning message occurs if there is no [d] token anywhere on the page X of a GridTemplate.


Since Q++Studio uses the [d] tokens and their DayValues to guess which DayValues are contained in each GridTemplate page, it cannot make any reliable guess in this case. Q++Studio still guesses, based on the minimum DayValue of all the tokens contained on that page, but this guess is felt to be unreliable.


To assist Q++Studio, you should place DayValue Marker Tokens for each of the dates included on the page referred to by this message. For example : on a weekly diary where the right page contains DayValues 5-6-7, you should add somewhere on the page the tokens [5*][6*][7*] (these tokens will disappear during generation).


You may also get this message, even if you follow the above guidelines, under the following circumstances :


One common mistake is to reverse the order of the DayValue and of the asterisk, writing [*127] instead of [127*].


Another way for this message to be generated, is if you copied elements from duplicated pairs of pages in a GridTemplate by grouping all the elements of the 2 pages together before copying them (for example copying pages 1/2 to pages 3/4 and 5/6 on a 7 days on 6 pages diary. The solution is to ensure that objects on right pages are not grouped with elements on the left pages.


Note that since build 10856 (22-Nov-2004), this message in only generated in the case of daily or weekly grids and not for monthlies and yearlies.

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