Quark file does not exists or is not currently accessible

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Quark file does not exists or is not currently accessible

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This message occurs if you try to open the QuarkXPress file associated with a QxdPages or DiaryGridLine ScriptLine, but the QuarkXPress file is not found where Q++ expects it to be. The possible causes for this message are :


The file has been deleted, moved or renamed. In that case you will notice a corresponding design-time message in the messages window. Click on this message to be given the option of letting Q++ search for the file elsewhere, and/or with a different name.


The file is located on another user's PC which is not currently logged onto the network.


The file is located in the Q++ServerXE2 folder (as recommended), but the drive letter you use to access that drive differs from the drive letter used by the user who scanned or inspected that QuarkXPress file.


To avoid the above potential problems, we recommend that all users use the drive letter Q:\ to access the drive on which the Q++Server folder is, and that all GridTemplates and Plain QuarkXPress File be saved in the Q:\Q++ServerXE2\QxdFiles\  folder and its sub-folders.

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