Q++Studio/QuarkXPress 2015+ require(s) VC++2010 64-bit Run-Times

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Q++Studio/QuarkXPress 2015+ require(s) VC++2010 64-bit Run-Times

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The use of QuarkXPress versions 2015 and above require the installation of the 64-bit Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Run-Time Library.


Solution: To address this issue, sitting at the workstation whence the message came, locate and run the program vc2010redist_x64.exe, located in the folder Q:\Q++ServerXE2\Setup\.


Alternate solution: Since build 16645, this message gives you the option of having Q++Studio install the missing run-times for you.


IMPORTANT: After running this EXE, make sure to restart (reboot) your computer.


The Microsoft 64-bit Visual C++ 2010 Run-Time Library should be pre-installed in Windows 7 and above. However, you might still get this message on Windows 7 and above computers, in which case you should follow the instructions above.

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