QuarkXPress crashes while Processing Tokens

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QuarkXPress crashes while Processing Tokens

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The issues discussed below, are issues that arise during the stage of diary generation after QuarkXPress makes copies of the various GridTemplates and Plain Qxd Files, when tokens are processed. When this happens QuarkXPress displays a small message dialog that says : "Caught Unknown Exception - Aborting".


These crashes occur usually because one of the QuarkXPress files used in the script is corrupted. You should create a blank QuarkXPress file of the same size as that of the QuarkXPress file used in your script, and then copy and paste elements of each of the QuarkXPress pages, one page at the time.


If the above solution does not work, it means that some combination of QuarkXPress objects and actions Q++ is trying to perform are unearthing a little-know QuarkXPress bug. You should then try one or all of the solutions below, which have been shown to work in most cases :


Try to create a clean copy of the GridTemplate used in your script. If the crash is due to QuarkXPress files becoming corrupted with use, then this will often solve the problem.


Try to generate your diary using multiple sections rather than a single file, this is usually enough to "break" the sequence that triggers that particular QuarkXPress bug.


Try to generate using the Multi-Pass option. This is particularly effective if you are performing multiple changes of font attributes (color, size, ...) within the same textbox.


See also : The various stages of Diary Generation.

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