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The RadioGroup presents a list of logically related, but mutually exclusive, options to the user. The examples below show it in both the older 3D style, or in the newer flat style. The difference is only visual, both images are functionaly the same.




Sometimes RadioGroups appear without a border, but they can still be recognized by the circles used to specify a selection.



Some tips :


You do not need to click exactly in the little circle. Clicking anywhere on the associated label is OK.


Once a RadioGroup has the focus (as denoted by one of its items having a dotted frame), you can move through the list of options using the LEFT, RIGHT, UP and DOWN keys (note that in multi-column RadioGroups, such as the one shown above, you cannot go across from left to right; you must go all the way down each column, a bit like reading newspaper columns).


See also : CheckBox.

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