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This system variable is a shortcut that allows you to conveniently refer to the full incoming Macro token, stripped of the * and macro index. It is defined as :


s_LangDayToken = '[' + s_TokenLangTag + ->

                                                 IntToStr(n_TokenDayValue) + ->

                                                 s_TokenRoot + ']'


This is a convenient shortcut for the many time when the macro is used to determine a condition and then simply sets sRESULT to the incoming macro token without the * and macro index, sucha s the example below :




 // is it the weekend (we'll make it bold)

   bResult = (WeekdayOf(n_TokenDate) in [6,7])

  // replace the macro token by the token without the *XX

   sResult = '[' + s_LangDayToken + ']'



Note that the braces [] are not included in this system variable.

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