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Q++Studio uses SARAs (Search And Replace Algorithm) to automate and improve the "search and replace" function found in QuarkXPress. The benefits of Q++Studio Saras are :


Saras are totally integrated into Q++Studio : they can be saved, reused or even shared by different scripts.


Saras expand the functionalities of the standard QuarkXPress search and replace dialog by allowing you to search for color, horizontal and vertical scale, kerning etc...


Saras are also versatile :


Their scope can be sharp (only apply to a certain page of a certain GridTemplate).


Their scope can be broad (applied to the entire output file).


They can even be used as a stand-alone tool unrelated to any script (you can Sara your GridTemplates to update them, should marketing decide that all diaries which previously used Arial will now use Times).


This chapter deals with the creation and modification of Saras and SaraSets. For more details on how they are used in scripts or as stand-alone tools, see the ScriptLine Property Saras, and Stand-alone Saras. Finally, note that if they are sloppily setup, Saras can easily amount to the same time, even more, than the time needed to generate a diary.

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