Save changes to current SaraSet ?

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Save changes to current SaraSet ?

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This message often causes some confusion in new users of Q++Studio. After saving changes to every Sara modified in the Sara Property editor, and then clicking OK to save the displayed Saras Set to be used for the current property, users often ask : what else is there to save ?


The confusion comes from the fact that the Saras property editor is special in that it combines the features of a data manager (such as the Holidays Manager) with the features of a property editor whose functionality is usually limited to selecting a data set, but not being able to modify it (such as the aeiou Holidays property editor).



The above diagram should help make the issues at hand more clear. There are 3 elements being displayed and edited at the same time in the Saras property editor :


Selected Sara

The changes to each individual Sara are saved by clicking on the green checkmark at the top of the list of Saras. Those changes are : what text to search for, what to replace it with, ...

Current Saras Set

The changes to the current Saras Set are saved by clicking on the button representing a small blue diskette. Those changes are : what Saras make up this set and in which order do they appear.

Saras Property

Clicking on the OK button at the bottom of the editor tells Q++Studio that the currently displayed Saras Set is the one to use for this property.



The confusion comes because it is possible to click on the OK button without having saved changes to the current Saras Set. When this happens, the present message is displayed to confirm that the user does want to save the changes made to the current Saras Set.

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