Slogan Tokens

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Slogan Tokens

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Slogan tokens are used to display repeating text, or repeating images, using the Slogan Rules of the DiaryGridLine which uses the GridTemplate in which the token is.


Slogan tokens are of the form :


 [:slogXX_label] for text slogans


 [:slimXX_label] for image slogans


XX : represents the index of the slogan token, which is used by Q++Studio to refer to it in the Slogan Rules. The allowed values are from 1 to 15, and do not have to be consecutive (ie. you can have a slogan token of index 1, another of index 5 and one of index 12 in the same grid).


label : is an identifier available to you to describe each slogan token. Examples would be [:slog01_BiblicalQuotes], [:slog02_LincolnQuotes], … The underscore between the index and the label is optional but helps legibility.


It is important to note that only the index matters to Q++; the label is there for your convenience. Therefore the tokens [:slog01_ListA] and [:slog_ListB] are the same token for Q++Studio, a slogan token of index 1. If you use the same index with different labels, Q++Studio will issue a warning.


Note that the [:slim] token is one of Q++'s Image Tokens. Make sure you read the section on Image Tokens, below, as these tokens have some important specificities.

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