Specified EPS Folder does not exist

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Specified EPS Folder does not exist

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Cause : The folder specified for the EPS Folder property of the current script does not exist.


Consequences : You will not be able to use the QXD to EPS converter, either from the Templates/Convert Main Output File to EPS menu sequence, or from the Tools/QXD to EPS menu sequence. Neither will you be able to generate any diary that use EPS Imposition tokens.


Solutions :


Let Q++ generate an EPS Folder name : Generates a local folder name, as a sub-directory of the same name as the Output Filename, located in the c:\temp\qpp\eps\ parent folder. Before using this option, make sure you have specified the Output Filename property for the current script.


Set the EPS Folder name yourself  : Sets this property to edit mode so you can set a folder name yourself.

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