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Status Bar

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The Status Bar is located at the very bottom of the Q++ Main Window.


It is composed of 4 zones (from left to right) :



The version zone shows the build number of the version of Q++ Studio that you are currently running. Build numbers are referred to in the What's New ? help topics, and sometimes a minimum build number must be installed before an update to the Q++ World Holidays Samples Database can be updated. The QuarkXPress Version used is displayed nearby, and corresponds to the QuarkXPress version selected in the Preferences. If your system is configured to be able to use Q++ with more than one version of QuarkXPress, then you can change the version of QuarkXPress used by clicking on this zone; a popup menu then appears, allowing you to select another version.


The status zone which displays either additional information about the control that is under your mouse, or during intensive processing by Q++ (such as scanning or diary generation), status information about what Q++ is currently doing. This zone also often contains more information about a given tooltip. Additionally, during lengthy processes such as scanning and diary generation, a progress bar will appear in this zone, graphically displaying the percentage of completion of the current process.

(not shown in the

above illustration)

The resources zone (only under Windows 95 and Windows 98) displays resources left on your system. This meter is important as Windows resources are necessary to run other programs (such as QuarkXPress to scan or generate diaries) or to display dialogs (such as the Holidays Manager dialog. The available resources should always be above 50%, and the optimal range is above 70%. Windows resources are not linked to disk space or physical memory, they depend on the number of fonts loaded, the number of icons, etc.... If resources fall below 50%, try first to close any other application running, and if that is not sufficient reboot your PC.


The date zone displays the full current date.


It is a good idea to glance at the status bar once in awhile. It often contains useful information, almost always related to what you are currently doing.

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