Special Characters Tokens

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Special Characters Tokens

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Special Characters are characters used in QuarkXPress which usually represent non-printing characters (some are visible though), and can be used anywhere in Q++Studio where you would put text : Holidays Names, Slogans Text, Saras, Holidays Options, ... Whenever the result of evaluating a token includes a Special Characters Token, Q++Studio replaces it with the appropriate special character. Many of these tokens also have a non-breaking variant.


Some particularities of these tokens :


They are not framed by braces.


They all begin with an ampersand (eg: &n ).


Some of the special characters tokens use 2 characters (for example, the tabulation &t), while some use 3 characters (for example, the non-breaking space &!s ). The 2-character tokens represent characters that can be obtained directly from an ASCII character, while the 3-character tokens map directly to the Xtags representation of the character they represent.


Because most of these 3-character special characters tokens are QuarkXPress specific, they cannot be previewed in the editor used to display holidays names, slogans text or MonthHeader text, and therefore they are converted to Xtags at the very last minute and always appear as tokens in the Q++Studio interface.

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