Xpress Tags Text and Paragraph Formatting in QuarkXPress

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Xpress Tags Text and Paragraph Formatting in QuarkXPress

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Xpress Tag Formatting is an extremely powerful formatting language that can be used to format an entire textbox's text and paragraphs, or to simply format part of a textbox's contents. The language used here follows the Xpress Tags description language quite closely, and is fully compatible with it, for the following reasons :


Over the years, this language has shown that it can describe, in plain text, all the possible attributes of text used inside QuarkXPress. Considering the richness of formats allowed for text under QuarkXPress, it is unlikely that the language will need any additions.


There are 3 parts to any tag formatting string :




Style Sheets Definitions


Text Description


Any section which must have elements separated by a line (such as the header and individual style sheet definitions) must be separated by a hard return character (ASCII 13). Additionally any value which can be specified in decimal form must use a period as decimal separator, regardless of the workstation's Windows settings.

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