Selectively blanking out tokens

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Selectively blanking out tokens

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You should always try to use the same GridTemplate for multiple editions differeing in language or customer requirements.


However, in some cases, tokens which make sense in one edition may be unwanted in another. For example some editions may require the token [.d] near the token [d] in the header of each day to produce the result.


1st       2nd     3rd


But some editions may not want the ordinal to appear in exponent, or they may only want it to appear for the first of the month to highlight the transition. In those cases it is tempting to make either of the following mistakes :


Don't set a translation and let Q++Studio generate a slate of run-time warnings about the token not having a translation. This is dangerous since real messages will be drowned in the avanlanche of expected messages.

Re-do a GridTemplate for each edition : waste of time and the risk that future changes to the GridTemplate are not applied to all variants.

Trying to use zap tokens or macros to selectively get rid of the token : a lot of effort and a source of a lot of potential errors.


The solution lies in understanding that you can set the translation of a token to a blank (or use the &x token). The token will be replaced by nothing, and the run-time message will disappear.

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