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Q++Studio comes with a Help System containing over 2.000 topics and 25.000 cross-references between topics, as well as many tools to access the help topic you need. Depending on the circumstances you may want to use one or the other of the Q++Studio Help Tools.


If you need help :


With something you see : (a dialog, part of the Q++Studio interface, a ScriptLine, a ScriptLine Property), then try the ToolTips or Contextual Help.


If you wish to browse the available topics, use the Help Navigator.


If you are looking for topics related to a keyword, such as "diary" or "help", and wish to see all the topics which relate to it, then use the Keyword Search.


If you are looking for a specific word, which you think appears in the text of the help file, then use the Full Text Search.


If your help query cannot be summarized in a keyword, then use the Help Wizard. It allows you to formulate complex requests in plain English.


If all else fails, contact us directly.


Finally, the Q++Studio interface provides you with a lot of information on available shortcuts, and hints. Make sure you read The Q++Studio Main Window, to get the most out of the Main Menu, Toolbar and Status Bar. You will also find much useful information in the Tips and Tricks section.

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