The Q++Studio Macros Debugger

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The Q++Studio Macros Debugger

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To invoke the debugger you can :


Set the Debug Macros option of the Execution Options dialog to true, when launching diary generation.


Or if you are testing the same Macro over and over, set the Pre-Processing's ScriptLine property Debug Macros to true. This will invoke the debugger automatically everytime you generate this particular Script.


The Q++Studio Macros debugger lets you follow the execution of your Macro code, step-by-step for each Macro token encountered during diary generation.



The debugger window is made up of the following :


A main pane allowing you to follow the progress of the interpreter as it moves through the code. You can to view the source code and the compiled code.


The list of variable watches which display the updated value of all variables (including system and temporary).


A list of breakpoints, allowing you to execute code uninterrupted, until a condition or line number is reached.


A series of buttons which allow you to control the level of detail at which you wish to step through the code.


Note that the debugger window is resizeable.

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