The Saras Interface

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The Saras Interface

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The Q++Studio Sara Editor is made up of 5 different parts.



Current Sara Set : Located at the top left, this displays the name of the currently displayed SaraSet. Use the ellipsis button to select another SaraSet, and save any changes made with the button representing a diskette.


List of Saras : Located on the left, this lists the order in which saras will be executed, and which ones will be omitted (the ones that are unchecked).


The Sara Action Zone : Located at the bottom left, this zone contains the "action" buttons that you use when you are finished defining the saras for the currently displayed saraset. The buttons that appear vary depending on whether you are selecting a saraset to use as a ScriptLine property, or executing a stand-alone Sara.


The Page Range : Located at the top right, this allows you to specify, for each individual sara in the list, the range of pages to which this particular sara applies to. The appearance of the page range is different depending on the use made of the SaraSet.


The Sara Editor : This is the heart of the Q++Studio Sara Engine and is used to define the attributes of the text that each Sara should search for and the attributes of the text it should be replaced with. This is covered in Defining a Sara.


At the top and bottom of the Sara Editor you will notice the fields Description, IN, and OUT. These fields are automatically generated by Q++Studio and cannot be modified. The value they contain may be needed to describe to technical support a sara which seems to be misbehaving. Most of the time you can safely ignore these fields.

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