The  Q++Studio Technical Support Module

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The  Q++Studio Technical Support Module

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The easiest way to contact us and to make sure you include all the necessary files is to use the Q++Studio Technical Support Module. You can access it from the "HELP | Technical Support" menu. Note that before you send a message for the first time, you will need to setup your email parameters.


If a script is open when you launch the Technical Support Module, then Q++Studio will automatically include the current script's GridTemplates and Output files as email attachments. So a good rule to follow is to launch the Q++Studio Technical Support Module as soon as possible after you encounter a problem, while the problem script is still open.


The left part of the dialog contains all the standard email fields: TO, CC, Subject and Message Body. Note the message field contains the name of the script that was currently open when you invoked the tecnical support.


To let Q++Studio select the files and data tables to attach to your email (recommended) the right hand side of the dialog should appear as follows (uncheck the top checkbox if you wish to send an email with no attachments):



Checking those 2 checkboxes will attach files to your email that ensures that technical support is able to reproduce the problematic script exactly, without the need for you to explain all the various settings you are using. If you wish, you can also attach additional files to your email, using the Also attach these files panel.



This is usually used to attach screenshots that supplement the email you are sending (remember that all QuarkXPress files related to your script are automatically attached to your email by Q++; you do not need to place them here).


Having the Send only the essential files option checked will greatly reduce the number and size of files attached to your emails, by skipping files that are rarely needed for technical support. This option is checked by default and should be left checked unless technical support asks you to uncheck it.


When you are done, you can have the email and attachments sent by clicking on the Email button.


If your email system is not SMTP compliant, nor is it Lotus Notes, you can still use the Q++Studio Technical Support to compress all the necessary files to document a problem you are having (using the Save button). You can then use your email client to manually send the files that have been compressed and collected for you in the c:\temp\qpp\email\ directory.

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