The SaraSets Manager

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The SaraSets Manager

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You can access the SaraSets Manager directly from the "TOOLS|SaraSets" menu item.


However, most of the time you will want to modify the saras contained in a SaraSet as well as opening it. So it is usually better to access the SaraSets Manager through the Q++ Sara Engine. To access the list of SaraSets using the Q++ Sara Engine :


If you are using Saras as a stand-alone tool simply use the "TOOLS | saras" menu item, or use the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+F5.


Otherwise if the SaraSet you want to select, create or modify is to be used as a ScriptLine Property then click on the button of its button edit, in the Properties Editor of the Q++ main window.


When the Q++ Sara Engine appears, click on the button edit entitled "Current SaraSet" to display the SaraSet Manager. The SaraSet Manager is composed of 3 parts. At the left is a TreeView displaying the QuarkXPress File associated with all the SaraSets. Since Saras can act on a specific GridTemplate (if it is a DiaryGridLine Sara) or on an output file, there are 2 ways to view the SaraSets available to you :


Diary Files : Selecting this option presents all the output files generated using Saras. This allows you to view all the saras used in a particular output file.


Templates : On the other hand if you want to select a SaraSet which you know was used on a particular GridTemplate, then select this option.


Whichever of the methods you use, all the SaraSets which fit the TreeNode you selected will be displayed in the middle section of the SaraSets Manager. Note that this selection is recursive; which means that if you select "C:" you will have all the SaraSets whose output files or templates, depending, were on the C drive or any subdirectory.


Selecting a SaraSet : To select a SaraSet to use in the Q++ Sara Engine, select the appropriate SaraSet in the middle section (the saras its contains are listed on the right) and click on the OK button.


Creating or Modifying a SaraSet : To create a SaraSet, click on the "+" button at the top of the list of SaraSets and type the name of your new SaraSet directly into the list. To modify a SaraSet click on the "triangle" button and edit the name. To modify the list of saras contained in a SaraSet you must go back to the Q++ Sara Engine. To delete a SaraSet, select it in the list and click on the "-" button.

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