Token skipped; no macro of this index defined

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Token skipped; no macro of this index defined

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This message occurs if Q++ encounters a macro token for which no macro was selected of the corresponding index. Usually this particular message occurs if the result of a macro refers to another macro :


sRESULT = '[3*9AnyMacro]'


If, in the above example, no macro was selected for the index value of 9, then the present message would be generated unless you told Q++ that this macro index needed to be included. This could be done either :


If the macro always refers to a macro of the same index, then use the INCLUDE_MACRO directive directly inside the macro's source code.


If the index of the macro index may change from one script to another, then use the INCLUDE_MACRO setting of the current script's initial conditions.


Note that this message will only be displayed if you chose the option Warn if Macro is skipped, either in the Preferences, or when launching diary generation.

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