Too many levels of token recursion !

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Too many levels of token recursion !

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This message is similar conceptually to the message Too many levels of iteration, but is technically quite different in its origin.


This message occurs if the conversion of a given token (noted in the message title) generates more than 50 recursive calls to itself. In simple terms, it means that one of your tokens is replaced by text containing other tokens, and that these tokens must be evaluated immediately, causing the conversion function to be called from within itself (recursively) more than 50 times.


This usually only happens in conversion functions that must evaluate included tokens immediately because the original token's date cannot be used for these included tokens. This is the case for Duration Tokens and MiniCalendar Tokens. This is usually a sign that you are replacing a token by the same token, either in the Multi-Holidays surrounding text or the Moon Options.


You can use the Maximum Recursion property to change the default value of 50, but it should almost never be necessary, as recursion of the token conversion function is much rarer than token conversion iteration.

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