Saving Saints and Namedays in MS-Excel Format

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Saving Saints and Namedays in MS-Excel Format

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To save the list of Saints or Namedays to an MS-Excel file, use the Data|export menu, or click on the toolbar button displaying the Microsoft Excel icon.


Select Saints/Namedays or Saints/Namedays Exceptions, from the Data|Export sub-menu.


Q++Studio displays a dialog where you can specify a list of holidays sets.


Make your selection and click on the EXPORT button.


The columns of the resulting Excel sheet correspond to the columns in the Saints and Namedays Manager. Each holidays set is accessible from the worksheet tabs at the bottom.


The data exported to an Excel file cannot be re-used or imported by Q++Studio. Use the Data Pump, to export data in a format re-useable by Q++Studio (for example at another site, or to send to Technical Support).

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