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Specifying Your Location

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To ensure that all the displayed times are correct, you must at least select the correct time zone and summer time rules, if any, for your current location. Usually, during installation, the installation program pre-sets the parameters for the time zone and summer time rules used on your PC, by reading your registry. But there are cases when those parameters are not set properly, or when you may have changed location (if you are traveling with a laptop, for example). In these cases you can reset you current location manually as described below.


Your current location is displayed on the wallpaper by a green dot, and its name in the list of cities is displayed with the notation (current location) to the right of it, as shown below.


Once you have launched the configuration program, you can change your reference position (where you are) in the configuration program's main window by selecting your current location in the list of cities, and then clicking on the Modify button. The various properties of each city/location can be specified as described here.


Remember that your wallpaper is not updated when you close the main window; you must click on the Update button for that to happen.

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